How to plan and prepare for your next One-to-One session?

To schedule your next appointment, please email to: [email protected], your preferred timing (desired timeframe, days of week, times of day, etc).

I will then send you a few corresponding options for you to choose from. This way we can find together the optimal time for each session. Multiple sessions can be paced to align with your needs and process.

If you wish you can also send in advance any questions, or specific issues you want to address in the next session.

Each session is one full hour. It will be done by phone or through an audio web link. I will email to you the connection info a few days before each session.

Following each session, you will receive an email from me with your private MP3 recording of the session, for your future use. Some insights and perspectives unfold through time, and may become even more helpful and empowering to you down the path of your personal journey…

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