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  Schedule and topics of upcoming monthly live webinars

Please find below the schedule and topics of the Live Webinars in the coming months.

You will receive an email with the connection info to the next live webinar a few days before, as well as a couple of reminders leading up closer to it.

Following each live webinar, you will receive an email with the info for the replay, which will remain accessible to you until the next live webinar is on.

The most recent webinar was:

Sunday, July 28, at 3:00 pm EDT (UTC -4)

  • Healing Conflicts and Divisiveness – Where do they come from, how do we aggravate them, resolve them or heal them?
    – Is the conflict a chaotic event or a shadow dance? Is it a catalyst or a mirror for your own growth? How much of it is an inner call for change?
    – The default modes of aggravating conflicts and opposition, and how to take it to the soul level for deeper clarity and innovative breakthroughs.
    – The thin lines of higher wisdom between standing your ground and compassion, and between engaging or disengaging.
    – The power of soul presence over reactions, misunderstandings, fears, judgments, giving up, self-sabotage or victimhood.

2019 Upcoming Webinars

Sunday, August 25, at 3:00 pm EDT (UTC -4)

  • The Transformative Power of Starseeds – The journey of Light from an inner glow to a galactic shift.
    – The unlimited perspective, untethered nature, and higher wisdom of our soul. What is the true power of the heart?
    – The imaginative potential, future forward creativity, and innovative brilliance accessible to us deep within our higher dimensional resources.
    – How will we re-invent our human reality through the higher consciousness of our soul awareness and connectivity?

Sunday, September 29, at 3:00 pm EDT (UTC -4)

  • Are You Ready for Your Light? – The challenge, potential and privilege of being fully You.
    – How to we leverage our life lessons, relationship mirrors, personal growth, and intuitive guidance to become more aware of our wider nature and deeper purpose? How to embody it through the soul, not the ego?
    – How do we dive into our essence, and emerge from it with authenticity, to then step into our light, and own it without doubts, fears or inhibitions?

Sunday, October 27, at 3:00 pm EDT (UTC -4)

  • Bridges and Boundaries – Managing personal space and empowered connectivity; Creating bridges into equilibrium.
    – The elasticity of our being within its unshakable integrity, and the balance it is able to assert with the world and our purpose in it.
    – Instincts, intuition, discernment, soul maturity and skill – how do they join together to enable accuracy of alignment and boundaries, unfettered inner space and equilibrium of interconnectedness, powerful bridges over gaps and walls, and intimacy of nurtured sharing.