The following are the topics of each of your mentoring sessions:

Session 1: Initial orientation session in which we will explore together and align the entire mentorship process to your unique individual focus, needs and aspirations, to achieve a fully personalized process and the optimal outcome.

Session 2: The nature of your evolutionary purpose – your soul instincts and inner calling, your personal growth areas, the landscape of your life journey, and your navigational choices.

Session 3: Discovering and understanding your soul blueprint – your soul intentions, soul seeds, and life lessons – the transformational nature of this living matrix, its inherent synergy, dynamics and evolutionary effect on your life and your purpose.

Session 4: Your soul gifts – accessing your higher potential, unveiling your deeper resources, and cultivating your mastery of them. How to own and embody your gifts with a powerful, creative and innovative capacity.

Session 5: Leveraging your life’s transitions, challenges and opportunities, critical lessons and catalysts – navigating the inherent uncertainty and unexpected changes with your higher wisdom and inner GPS.

Session 6: The nurturing relationship between your weaknesses and strengths, your failures and achievements, your shadows and your light – the evolutionary journey into your self awareness, deeper authenticity, and soul maturity. Learning to engage your soul presence and its transformative effect.

Session 7: Gaining a transformational perspective and empowering capabilities to catalyze your own emerging purpose, soul evolution and personal blossom. Learning to engage intuitive soul skills.

Session 8: Understanding and cultivating the current expression of your deeper calling, expanding your vision of yourself, your life, and the implementation of your purpose.

Session 9: What is Purpose Catalyst? How to catalyze deeper awareness, clarity of purpose, and transformational capacity in yourself and in other people in your life?

Session 10: Personalizing your purpose catalyst insights and skills to your specific chosen focus – from personal relationships, to work relationships, to transformational leadership of teams, or to coaching and mentoring.

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